Stories and News

SPA 2024 Fundraiser evening
Generosity and joy – SPA’s 2024 fundraiser

The community gathers to celebrate and support San Pancho Animales

Dreaming of Lucky

A vivid vision leads to a new home.

Resscue dog Betty with Karoul
A bond with Betty

An abandoned sheepdog discovers a mystical connection.

2022 Doggie Fashion Show

Over 90 SPA supporters attended this fun event.

Two Peanuts

Two teeny puppies found a loving home in the Midwest.

Salsa and Rayo
Salsa, the miracle dog

Salsa survived against all odds, then was adopted!

Save a Life

Every animal rescued in these stories costs up to several hundred dollars for veterinarian care, vaccinations, spay/neuter, food and shelter, before we can find that pet a permanent new home. Please consider a tax-deductible donation. You will be saving a life.

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